The Household of Faith



“Brethren, giving all dilligence, add to your faith

virtue [steadfastness]; and to virtue knowl-

edge; and to knowledge temperance [self-

control]; and to temperance patience;

and to patience godliness; and

to godliness brotherly kind-

ness; and to brotherly

kindness LOVE.

For if these things be in you

and abound,

they shall make you

that you shall neither be

barren nor unfruitful in the

knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

—2 Pet. 1 : 5-8.—


Profitable Daily Tithing.


“Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will

not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a

blessing, that there shall not be room enough to contain

it.”—Malachi 3:10.

If Christians allow the rush and crush of selfish ambition

to deprive them of their daily portion of heavenly food, they

must not be surprised if they grow spiritually leaner day by

day and if “the peace of God” gives place in their hearts to

the discontent which is growing in the world, notwithstanding

the multiplication of our comforts and privileges. Let us re-

member the exhortation, “In all thy ways acknowledge Him,

and he shall direct thy paths.”—Proverbs 3:6.

Our first edition of “Manna” 20,000, met with far better

success than we had dared hope for; and we have been greatly

encouraged by the kind words of its many friends far and near.

Some call it their “Heavenly Breakfast Food” and tell that

they feast upon its lessons as regularly as the sun rises. Surely

the little tithe of time daily spent in partaking of its morsels of

heavenly counsel cannot fail to profit all who partake. The

day opened with such meditations is sure to be the better spent

and more profitable. The heart thus turned to holy thoughts

is much less likely to go aside from right paths than otherwise.

“The wisdom that cometh from above,” is thus gradually and

easily assimilable and cannot fail to bear some good fruit in the

hearts of the saints, and to awaken reverence in the worldly.

Every Christian who sees this book is sure to be interested

and to want a copy for his own breakfast table. And as it is

published, not for profit but to do good, we have put the price

so low as to bring it within the reach of all. We do our friends

and neighbours a valuable service when we call the “Manna”

to their attention and assure them that it is merely Christian

—not denominational. Some use them as birthday presents

and holiday gifts: others anxious to extend their good influ-

ence, purchase them by the quantity and sell them at a slight

advance to cover their time and car fare. All are welcome to

engage in this service of love to the extent of their opportunity

and ability.

In this edition we have added the Autograph and Birthday

record feature. This necessitated our printing the book on

Bond writing paper at a considerable increase in the cost of

production. To see the autographs of our friends daily is a

pleasure and to be reminded of their birthday is a great


The book will last a life-time, and can be used year after

year, for the sacred message never grows old, but is line upon

line, precept upon precept.

Your Brother and servant,

Charles Taze Russell

Extract from Daily Heavenly Manna, 1905

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